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Glory of the snow (Scilla forbesii) at Kew Gardens

Sponsoring one of Kew’s renowned bulb displays is a special way to celebrate the life of a loved one or to remember a special anniversary or family event.
Glory of the snow outside the Orangery
A lovely alpine, 'glory of the snow' (Scilla forbesii) flowers in March and grows between White Peaks and the Orangery at Kew Gardens.

Introducing Scilla forbesii

This delicate alpine transforms the landscape from white to blue, with deep-blue flowers pushing through the melting snow in its native mountain areas of Turkey, Crete and Cyprus, earning it the name 'glory of the snow'.

The blue star-like flowers which, on closer inspection have a central white cone made up of wide flat filaments of stamens, produce the most stunning display in March.

Only 10-15 cms in height, they emerge in the early months of the year, flower and then die back to survive the summer underground as dormant bulbs.

Scilla forbesii at Kew Gardens

The blue flowers of the Scilla forbesii

In October 2001, Kew staff spent a fortnight planting 336,000 'glory of the snow' (Scilla forbesii) bulbs in the lawn between the Orangery and White Peaks at Kew Gardens, and another 50,000 bulbs were added two years later.

These deep blue, starry-flowered bulbs from western Turkey have naturalised, creating a dazzling blanket of colour every spring.

Species information

From the family Hyacinthaceae. Scilla forbesii previously known as Chionodoxa siehei.

Sponsor a display of flowering bulbs

These bulb displays are available for sponsorship of £250 each and funds raised will be used for the planting and maintenance of the Gardens.

Your dedication will be recorded on the Commemorative Touchscreen Register in the Secluded Garden glasshouse at Kew Gardens and you will receive a personalised certificate detailing your chosen species.

To sponsor a display:

  • choose the plant species that you would like to sponsor at Kew Gardens from the list below
  • download our Commemorative Giving Donation form, complete and return it
  • or call 0208 332 3200 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) to make a donation by card