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Crocus 'Whitewell Purple' (Crocus tommasinianus) at Kew Gardens

Sponsoring one of Kew’s renowned bulb displays is a special way to celebrate the life of a loved one or to remember a special anniversary or family event.
Couple walking across a lawn of crocuses in bloom
Whitewell purple (Crocus tommasinianus) planted along the Princess Walk at Kew Gardens

Introducing Crocus tommasinianus

Crocuses are part of the Iridacae family, which also includes irises.

One of the earliest crocuses to bloom, crocus 'Whitewell Purple' (Crocus tommasinianus) flowers in February and early March, with slender, funnel-shaped flowers which vary in colour.

The crocuses grow from corms with narrow, white striped basal leaves. The 'Whitewell Purple' grows to about 10cm high and is fully hardy.

Named after the botanist and politican, Muzio Giuseppe Spirito de' Tommasini, (1794 – 1879), born in Trieste (northeastern Italy), this crocus naturalises easily, spreading out to create a wonderful carpet of colour.

Crocus 'Whitewell Purple' at Kew Gardens

This plant species has beautiful lavender star-shaped flowers with deep yellow stamens. 

Purple crocus flowers close up
Crocus tommasinianus is one of about 80 different species of crocuses

They open in bright sunshine and provide a stunning display at Kew Gardens.

600,000 bulbs are planted along the Princess Walk, where the purple drifts on either side are a sure sign that spring is round the corner.

Sponsor a display of flowering bulbs

These bulb displays are available for sponsorship of £250 each and funds raised will be used for the planting and maintenance of the Gardens.

Your dedication will be recorded on the Commemorative Touchscreen Register in the Secluded Garden glasshouse at Kew Gardens and you will receive a personalised certificate detailing your chosen species.

To sponsor a display:

  • choose the plant species that you would like to sponsor at Kew Gardens from the list below
  • download our Commemorative Giving Donation form, complete and return it
  • or call 0208 332 3200 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) to make a donation by card