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Leave a legacy

If you have a passion for Kew Gardens and value the vital plant science and global conservation work we do, you can help secure our future by leaving a gift to Kew in your will. Legacies of all sizes are a valuable source of funds at Kew.

Scientist in the MSB vaults

There are many ways your remarkable and lasting gift will help and support our work.

Why we need your gift

Kew is well placed to play a leading role in safeguarding the world’s plant life for our future, but it is only with the help of others that we can meet the challenges that lie ahead.

The conservation of our natural resources is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. With climate change adding to the threats facing plant life worldwide, the need to conserve plants and their habitats has never been greater.

A leading role in plant conservation

Kew is well placed to play a leading role in conserving the world’s plant life and has a wonderful resource in its collections, its expertise and its people. But it is only with the help of others that we can meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Architect's impression of renovated Temperate House, the structure is restored with better accessibility and full of a large variety of plants

Your gift will ensure the future of Kew's iconic attractions including the Temperate House

How your gift can help

We are dependent to an ever greater extent on voluntary donations to maintain and expand our programme of work, particularly in the face of a reduction in our government funding. Legacy gifts form a valuable part of our income, supporting all aspects of our work from maintaining and enhancing the Gardens at Kew and Wakehurst, to seed conservation and scientific research.

If you decide to leave a gift to Kew in your will, we would find it very helpful if you could let us know. Although this is in no way binding or compulsory, it helps us enormously to have this information as it means we can thank you for your generosity and keep you up to date with appropriate news and events.

Types of legacy

Residuary legacies

A residuary legacy is where you leave whatever is left over from your estate once all other gifts and expenses have been deducted. You can leave the entire residue to one beneficiary (a person or charity for example), or it can be divided among a number of beneficiaries. An important aspect of residuary legacies is that they do not lose their value over time, so it is not so important to review your will regularly.

Suggested wording for your will: 'I give to the Foundation and Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Richmond Surrey TW9 3AB (Registered Charity Number 803428) all of the residue of my estate for its general purposes.'

Making a will

Making a will is not complicated and need not be expensive but, in order to prevent potential problems, we do urge anyone making a will to seek professional advice. It is also important to review and update your will at regular intervals to make sure it continues to reflect your wishes and circumstances.

Pecuniary legacies

A pecuniary legacy is a fixed sum of money. When making this sort of legacy it is well worth reviewing your will regularly, as specific amounts will decrease in value over time.

Suggested wording for your will: 'I give to the Foundation and Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond Surrey, TW9 3AB (Registered Charity Number 803428) the sum of £X for its general purposes.'

Specific legacies

A specific legacy is an individual item of value, such as a property or an item of jewellery. It may be that you wish us to add an item to our collections; if this is the case please do discuss this with us before making your will.

Reversionary legacies

Here you can leave assets to be used by a named beneficiary during their lifetime, after which the assets pass to Kew.

Conditional legacies

This would name Kew as a beneficiary should any or all of your other named beneficiaries die before you.

Find out more

To find out how you can leave a lasting legacy and support our vital work, we invite you to attend one of our legacy information tours. Download the calendar of legacy information tours 2014.

To book a place, or receive a free copy of our legacy booklet, call Kerry Watts on 020 8332 3249 or email