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Leave a legacy

If you have a passion for Kew Gardens and value the vital plant science and global conservation work we do, you can help secure our future by leaving a gift to Kew in your Will.
Help support our vital plant science and global conservation work
There are many ways your remarkable and lasting gift will help and support our work.

Every gift makes a difference


Architect's impression of renovated Temperate House
Your gift will ensure the future of Kew's iconic attractions including the Temperate House

For over 250 years, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has led the world in plant and fungal science.

Today, from our World Heritage site at Kew and the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place, we are finding innovative solutions to global challenges.

If you love our world class botanic gardens or share our passion for inspirational horticulture, cutting-edge science, botanical art, heritage landscapes or global plant conservation, your gift will provide lasting benefits for future generations.



There are many ways to leave a gift to Kew in your will

Making a will

Writing a Will need not be complicated but we do recommend you consult a solicitor to ensure your Will accurately reflects your intentions. The following contains the information necessary for Kew to receive your gift:

I give to the Foundation and Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB (Registered Charity Number 803428) (state the % residue or sum of money you wish to give) and request without obligation that it be used at the discretion of the trustees for immediate or future needs. 

  • Pecuniary bequest - a donation of a fixed sum of money or shares

  • Residuary bequest – a gift of all or a percentage of your estate after all other payments and bequests have been made

  • Specific – a gift of an item such as a painting or historic document

If you are considering leaving a specific item, please contact us to ensure that Kew will be a suitable home.

Please get in touch if you wish to support a specific area of Kew’s work. We will be happy to work with you to find wording which ensures your gift will have the impact you intend and will remain valid in the future. 

Thank you

Legacies are vital to the future of Kew and your support is truly valued.

It is helpful for us to know about legacies that are being left to Kew so we will be grateful if you choose to share your intentions. We can then acknowledge your kindness and keep you up-to-date with our activities.

Legacy information tours

To find out how you can leave a lasting legacy and support our vital work we invite you to join us on a legacy tour.

Opulent Orchids

Wednesday 8 February 2017 

Once again Kew will be celebrating the rich diversity and vibrant colour palette of orchids in the annual Orchid Festival. Learn how these exotic plants are being cared for in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, how gifts in Wills have helped fund Kew’s innovative research into orchids, and how your bequest could support our horticultural and scientific work.

Location: Kew Gardens

Booking essential. Call 020 8332 3249 or email at least one week in advance.

To book a place, or receive a free copy of our legacy booklet, call 020 8332 3249 or email