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Become a patron

Kew Patrons will help us achieve our ambitious plans to protect and save the world’s most precious resource – our irreplaceable plant kingdom.
The Palm House at Kew Gardens
The Palm House at Kew Gardens

The botanic gardens at Kew and Wakehurst are the visible, tangible evidence of our work, with their spectacular and globally diverse living collections. However, much of Kew's innovative scientific and conservation work takes place behind the scenes.

With plant species fast disappearing, we are using our expertise and the information held in our collections to gain a better understanding of the changing world, and guiding decisions about where to focus conservation efforts.

Over more than 250 years, Kew has developed as a global hub for botanic research and collections. This work is vital for the survival of all life on earth but our current resources are not enough. Will you make a commitment to Kew’s work by becoming a Patron? 

Your chance to become part of the Kew story

Patrons are at the forefront of the Kew Gardens community, enjoying a close and fulfilling association with our scientists, horticulturists and other experts. With such unrivalled access, Patrons are also encouraged to explore and progress areas of particular interest.

Patrons' generosity provides essential funding for global plant conservation, science and research, the horticulture and historic landscape at both Kew and Wakehurst, our botanical art collection and iconic heritage buildings.

Contact us

We are delighted to share our most recent material for our Patron programme. If you have any questions about the programme please contact the Patrons Office by email at or call 020 8332 3246.