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Yellow stonecrop Sedum ruwenzoriense

Sedum ruwenzoriense is a member of Crassulaceae known as the "Stonecrop" family. Sedum is a large genus with an estimated 600 species, mainly found in the northern hemisphere. Adopt the yellow stonecrop seed as a memorable birthday gift and keep its seed collection alive and safe in the Millennium Seed Bank.

Sedum ruwenzoriense are commonly cultivated as garden plants and for green roofs. In East Africa there are four species, all restricted to mountain habitats. They are found from 2400-4500 m above sea level on mountains in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


This species was discovered on one of the first botanical explorations of the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda by Dr. Wollaston in 1906. 


The yellow stonecrop prefers to grow in upland heath areas generally in rock crevices. They are perennial plants with reddish stems at the base and small green succulent leaves. The succulent leaves are an important water conservation measure as rock crevices can be a very dry environment to grow in. The flowers have five bright yellow petals in a star like shape, and the fruits are small capsules with tiny seeds only 1 mm long.


Make the gift of seed adoption by adopting the yellow stonecrop seed today. 

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