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Tiger jaws Faucaria tigrina

Are you vibrant, sun-loving and always smiling? This Endangered South African succulent definitely is! 

Living-up to the line ‘Tiger, tiger burning bright’ from Blake’s famous poem, the Faucaria’s zingy green leaves turn purple in strong sunshine and its vibrant yellow flowers bloom from late summer to early autumn, creating splashes of colour against the striking and  speckled leaves. Its fabulous ‘toothy grin’ helps to trap coastal fog and direct much needed moisture down to its roots. 

There are just four populations of this Endangered ‘tiger’ left in the wild due to over-grazing and urban development. Thankfully we are working with our partner the South African National Biodiversity Institute to monitor these locations and work with landowners to ensure this toothy tiger smiles on and on.

Your £25 will help keep the tiger jaws seed collection alive and safe in the Millennium Seed Bank. Grrreat! 

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