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Pheasant's eye Adonis annua

The Adonis annua, with its scarlet flowers and feathery leaves, is thought to be an ancient introduction to Great Britain, once a common flower but now restricted to as little as 18 sites in southern and south-east England. The Pheasant's eye is increasingly rare. Adopt its seed as a gift and help ensure its long-term future. 

Known as the pheasant’s eye, as the flower colour matches that of the bird, the species occurs in cultivated land, mainly in the margins and corners of fields. A winter annual, it germinates at the end of autumn, with flowers appearing in June and July. There are 5-8 red petals, which are blackish towards the base, and the plant grows to about 40cm high.

The Adonis annua is now rare in the wild, mainly due to the increased use of agricultural herbicides, and the sowing of cereal crops in autumn my also hinder the germination of this species.

The Millennium Seed Bank safeguards practically the entire British flora in its vaults, including Adonis annua. In addition, this plant is part of the Magical Meadows Festival at Wakehurst, where you can see this and many other UK native species growing in Bloomer’s Valley.

Help preserve the Pheasant's eye into the future by adopting its seeds as a personalised gift for family and friends.

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