Conservation Posters - Threatened plants of western Cameroon

These Conservation posters were developed for local conservation projects in Cameroon under our Darwin-funded project by Ben Pollard at RBG, Kew.

Each poster is species-specific. The species featured have all been assessed by us as Red Data species at the global level and are threatened with extinction. This is usually because they are highly localised or because extremely few individuals are known to exist, and so are particularly vulnerable to habitat destruction e.g. forest clearance.

The posters have been distributed to the areas in Cameroon in which the species occur. Their purpose is to share with the inhabitants the knowledge that such species are only known in their area, to encourage pride in such plants and an understanding of why their forest or other habitat is unique and important for conservation. These posters are put up on the notice-boards of schools and given to MINEF (environment ministry) officials, village chiefs and local conservation projects.

The poster for Coffea montekupensis has been particularly successful in its application. This species, which we discovered in the late 1990s is widespread and locally common, but is only known from Mt. Kupe and the Bakossi Mts. Since coffee is a well known crop, there has been a lot of local interest in our posters of this species and recognition that this species in unique to the Bakossi area. This was demonstrated to us when an American journalist visiting the area learned about the 'Mount Kupe Coffee' from the villagers and later sought more information on it from us.

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Alchemilla fischeri subsp. kamerunensis

Ancistrocladus grandiflorus

Chassalia laikomensis

Coffea montekupensis

Cola suboppositifolia

Diaphananthe polydactyla

Diospyros kupensis

Eriocaulon asteroides

Eriocaulon parvulum

Impatiens frithii

Kniphofia reflexa

Korupodendron songweanum

Ossiculum aurantiacum

Plectranthus cataractarum

Ternstroemia polypetala

Tetraberlinia korupensis