Information resources: Latin America

Kew's research projects in Latin America have generated large quantities of published and electronic information resources including databases, books and scientific articles.

A great deal of other information on Neotropical botany is available via the Internet, selected examples of which can be reached through our Links Page.

Neotropical Plant Image Database

Neotropical vegetation survey and inventory data

Scientific papers

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Databases ...

Latin American Plants Initiative (LAPI)

The LAPI project, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is scanning and databasing Latin American type specimens in herbaria around the world. Kew expects to have databased 100,000 such specimens by the end of the project. These specimens are already becoming available online via Kew's Herbarium Catalogue (HERBCAT).

Herbarium specimens from Northeast Brazil

Kew's data repatriation project for Northeast Brazil has generated a database of herbarium specimens from the region. These data are now available through Kew's online Herbarium Catalogue.


Richard Spruce collections

The Richard Spruce Project, in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, is generating an online database of the specimens, field notes and other artifacts collected in South America by this great Victorian botanist and explorer.

Other data

Other data relevant to Latin America are available through Kew's integrated botanical database, ePIC