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Selected publications

Leguminosas da Caatinga

Luciano Paganucci de Queiroz

A detailed, illustrated guide to the Leguminosae of the caationga vegetation of Northeast Brazil. This is the most diverse plant family in the caatinga, with 86 genera and 320 species. The book includes an introduction to the caatinga and the legume family, information on phylogeny and taxonomy, keys for identification, and data on each taxon (with 70% illustrated).

Gramíneas Forrageiras Naturais e Cultivadas na Região Meio-Norte (Most common forage grasses in the Northeastern region of Brazil)

Maria do P. Socorro C. Bona do Nascimento & Steve Renvoize

This work consists of an illustrated scientific and technical publication with information on 65 forage grass species of most importance for use by rural people, agro-technicians, researchers and students. It includes geographical distribution of the species, forage value and morphology.

Plantas Forrageiras das Caatingas (Forage Legumes of the Caatinga)

Jorge Antônio S. Costa, Teonildes S. Nunes, Ana Paula L. Ferreira, Maria Theresa S. Stradmann, Luciano Paganucci de Queiroz

An excellent example of true collaboration between researchers and agriculturalists which reflects the experience of the targeted audiences. The result is an illustrated publication containing 21 species of caatinga forage legumes of most importance for use by rural communities in Northeast Brazil .

Ecorregiões Propostas para o Bioma Caatinga (Proposed Ecoregions for the Caatinga Biome)

Edited by: Agnes L. Velloso, Everardo V. S. B. Sampaio, Frans G. C. Pareyn

This book presents a proposal for the division of the caatinga bioma into ecoregions with geographical units for planning biodiversity conservation. It describes the main physical and ecological characterisitcs of eight ecoregions and includes information on their current conservation status.

Vegetação e Flora da Caatinga (Vegetation and flora of the Caatinga)

Edited by: Everardo V.S. B. Sampio, Ana Maria Giulietti, Jair Virgínio, Cíntia F. L. Gamarra-Rojas

A compilation of various works by different authors giving general and detailed information about important plant families in the caatinga.

Plantas da Medicina Popular dos Cariris Velhos (Popular Medicinal Plants of the Cariris Velhos)

Maria de Fátima Agra

Tre results of en ethnobotanical saurvey conducted in the region of Cariris Velhos, Paraíba, Brazil, with the objective of rescuing traditional knowledge of medicinal plants from folklore and popular culture

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