Research staff and Associates/Fellows working in Neotropical research in the Herbarium

To contact a member of staff by email, the formula is Thus the email address for Michael Jameson would be


[research focus in Latin America]

Atkins, Sandy

Honorary Research Fellow [Verbenaceae, Brazil]

Baracat, Amélia

Latin America Fellowship/Project Coordinator [KLARF, Fuelwood project]

Biggs, Nicky

Herbarium Assistant, Tropical America Regional Team [Meliaceae, Bolivia]

Edwards, Sara

Herbarium Assistant, Tropical America Regional Team [Sapotaceae]

Frisby, Sue

Herbarium Assistant, Tropical America Regional Team [Malvaceae]

Goyder, Dr David

Dryland Africa Regional Team [Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae, Bolivia]

Harley, Dr Ray

Honorary Research Fellow [Neotropical Labiatae, Flora of Bahia]

Hind, Dr D.J. Nicholas

Head of Compositae Sub-Section [Compositae, Brazil]

Klitgaard, Dr Bente

Tropical America Botanist

Lewis, Dr Gwilym

Head of Section - Leguminosae [Subfamilies Caesalpinioideae and Mimosoideae, especially drylands taxa]

Lucas, Dr Eve

Head of Section - Myrtales [Myrteae, Myrcia s.l.]

Mayo, Dr Simon

Head of Section - Araceae Systematics [Araceae, Brazil, Brejo forest]

Milliken, Dr William

Head of Section - Tropical America [Ethnobotany, phytosociology, conservation]

Nic Lughadha, Dr Eimear

Head of Science Operations [Myrtaceae]

Pennington, Dr Terence

Honorary Research Fellow [Sapotaceae, Meliaceae, Inga, Sloanea, Peru]

Prance, Professor Sir Ghillean

Honorary Research Fellow [Chrysobalanaceae, Lecythidaceae, Dichapetalaceae, Caryocaraceae]

Rico, Dr Lourdes

Leguminosae Section [Neotropical Leguminosae:Acacieae and Ingeae except Inga; Central America flowering plants]

Sothers, Cynthia

Honorary Research Associate [Couepia, Chrysobalanaceae, Ebenaceae, NE Brazil checklist]

Whaley, Oliver

Darwin Project Manager [Peru, Huarango forest, Reforestation, Conservation]

Wood, John

Honorary Research Associate [Bolivian plant diversity, Acanthaceae, Labiatae, Convolvulaceae]

Woodgyer, Elizabeth

Head of Collections Management Unit [Melastomataceae, Microlicia]

Zappi, Dr Daniela

Assistant Keeper of the Herbarium [Rubiaceae, Cactaceae, Brazil]