Klarf Review

This document presents a detailed account of Kew 's Latin America Research Fellowship Programme evaluation that was completed in 2007. The review aimed to determine the extent to which KLARF has contributed to Latin America botanical research since it was established in 1998. KLARF is an internationally recognised research programme which aims to support and develop capacity for plant science in Latin America countries. The review included both qualitative and quantitative elements, and data collection was undertaken by questionnaire. A total of 65 questionnaires were distributed, 37 of which were returned.

As the review demonstrates, KLARF has clearly contributed to individual capacity building through improved knowledge and skills, resulting in improved research and teaching. Promotion of close collaboration and interaction between Latin America and European scientific researchers was highlighted by all respondents as one of the most important aspects of KLARF, generating real opportunities to interested parties. The need to maintain support for visiting botanical scientists from Latin America to Kew and other European herbaria was alluded to by all respondents.

The findings also point to significant scientific research outcomes, with 42 scientific papers published and 15 in press and/or submitted, as well as eight more in preparation. Importantly, it also identifies some areas for improvement, such as the need for increased numbers of fellowships as well as direct support for research work in Latin America.