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Polyachyrus Lag., Amen. Nat. Espa. 1, 1: 37 (1811).

Type: Polyachyrus poeppigii (Kunze ex Less.) Less.


Katinas, L. & J. Crisci. V. 2000. Cladistic and biogeographic analyses of the genera Moscharia and Polyachyrus (Asteraceae, Mutisieae). Syst. Bot. 25(1): 3346.

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*Polyachyrus oblongiflorus J. Koster, Blumea 5(3): 675 (1945). Type: Hab.: Chili, im Gerll der Felsw ste des Kstengebirges bei Antofagasta, 250 m alt., Sept. 1911, [Herzog] n. 2320. Holotype: L.

?Bolivia (?), Chile. Note: It remains to be seen if this species has subsequently been recorded for Bolivia, or whether Fosters record is solely based on Kosters protologue as the genus is Chilean and Peruvian.