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Lophopappus Rusby, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 21: 487 (1894).

Type: Lophopappus foliosus Rusby


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Note: Lophopappus is rather similar to Proustia but differs in its solitary or few, grouped capitula, the lack of terminal spines on short branches, to some degree corolla colour (white in Lophopappus, pink or purple in Proustia), and the setulae on the achenes of Proustia, when present, are long, twisted or spiralled twin-hairs. Preliminary molecular work (Funk et al. pers. comm.) supports their separation, although they are clearly closely related. Teller a et al. (2003) have shown that pollen characters cannot usefully separate the two genera.

Key to species

Leaves linear-lanceolate, margins entire L. foliosus

Leaves oblanceolate-spathulate, margins denticulate L. cuneatus

*Lophopappus cuneatus R. E. Fr., Ark. Bot. 5(13): 29 (1906). Type: Bolivia: Quebrada honda pr. Tarija in regione subalpina loco sicco [6/1 02; Fr. 1045]. Holotype: S.

Argentina, Bolivia (Tarija).

*Lophopappus foliosus Rusby, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 21: 487 (1894). Types: [Bolivia:] Collected by Mr Bang in the vicinity of La Paz, altitude about 10,000 feet, 1889 (No. 66), and at Talca Chuguiaguilla, April, 1890 (No. 791). Syntypes: NY; isosyntype (Bang 66): US.

Proustia foliosa (Rusby) Ferreyra, Fieldiana, Bot. n.s. 35: 90 (1995).

Argentina, Bolivia (La Paz), Peru.

Lorentea cryptopetala DC., Prodr. 5: 101 (1836), nom. illegit. pro Cryptopetalum ciliare Cass. = Pectis sessiliflora (Less.) Sch.Bip. ex Rusby

Lorentea sessiliflora Less., Linnaea 6: 720 (1831) = Pectis sessiliflora (Less.) Sch.Bip. ex Rusby