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Hyaloseris Griseb., Abh. Knigl. Ges. Wiss. G ttingen 24(1): 212 (March-April 1879), Symb. Fl. Argent. : 212 (1879).

Dinoseris Griseb., Abh. Knigl. Ges. Wiss. G ttingen 24(1): 214 (March-April 1879); Symb. Fl. Argent. : 214 (1879). Type: Dinoseris salicifolia Griseb. = Hyaloseris salicifolia (Griseb.) Hieron.

Hyaloseris Griseb. sect. Grapheioseris J. Koster, Blumea 5(3): 667 [ validated p. 668] (1945). Type: not cited.

Hyaloseris Griseb. sect. Dinoseris (Griseb.) J. Koster, Blumea 5(3): 668 (1945).

Lectotype (selected by Espinar, 1973: 197) : Gochnatia cinerea Griseb. = Hyaloseris cinerea (Griseb.) Griseb.


Ariza Espinar, L. (1973). Revision del genero Hyloseris (Compositae). Kurtziana 7: 195211.

Turner, B. L. (1986). A new species of Hyaloseris (Asteraceae-Mutisieae) from Bolivia. Phytologia 59(5): 317318.

Key to species

1. Capitula cylindrical-turbinate or tetragonous; florets 36 (Sect. Hyaloseris) 2

Capitula campanulate; florets 2060 (Sect. Dinoseris) H. salicifolia

2. (1) Corollas pink or reddish; phyllaries forming 4-sided involucres, dark wine-coloured H. camataquiensis

Corollas white or cream; phyllaries forming cylindrical-turbinate involucres, straw coloured 3

3. (2) Leaves lanuginous or glabrous above, tomentose beneath; involucre c. 16 mm long; phyllaries 45-seriate; achenes glabrous (Cochabamba) H. quadriflora

Leaves flocculose above and beneath; involucre 2535 mm long; phyllaries 68-seriate; achenes short-setuliferous (Chuquisaca) H. longicephala

*Hyaloseris boliviensis J. Koster, Blumea 5(3): 668 (1945) = Hyaloseris salicifolia (Griseb.) Hieron.

*Hyaloseris camataquiensis Fiebrig, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 45(1): 43 (1910). Type: not cited. Undoubtedly based on Herzog 3067, and cited by Koster (1945: 668) as Camataqui, 2500 m alt., 10 Febr. 1904, Fiebrig n. 3067. Holotype: ?B; isotype: GOET, US (01098563).

Argentina, Bolivia (Potos).

Notes: Koster (1945: 667) ascribed the name to Hieron.YT', and Espinar (1973: 206) to Hieron. ex Koster. Fiebrig (1910: 43) provided a German description in the prose, thus validating the name provided.

Hyaloseris longicephala B. L. Turner, Phytologia, 59(5): 317 (1986). Type: BOLIVIA. Chuquisaca: Prov. Oropeza, an der strasse von Sucre Richtung Cochabamba, vor Surima; ca 2000 m, 27 Jun 1980, T. Feuerer & N. Hohne 45762. Holotype: TEX; isotypes HBG.

Bolivia (Chuquisaca).

*Hyaloseris quadriflora J. Koster, Blumea 5(3): 667 (1945). Type: Hab.: an sonnigen Felsabhngen des Cerro San Pedro bei Cochabamba, 2700 m alt., Aug. 1911, [Herzog] n. 2461. Holotype: L; isotypes: LP (fragment of holotype), S, Z (000003570).

Bolivia (Cochabamba).

Hyaloseris salicifolia (Griseb.) Hieron., Act. Acad. Nac. Ci. C rdoba 2(1): 45 (1886).

Dinoseris salicifolia Griseb., Abh. Knigl. Ges. Wiss. G ttingen 24(1): 214 (March-April 1879); Symb. Fl. Argent. : 214 (1879). Types: T.: Sierra de Tucuman, pr. el Sauciliaco. J.O.: Tarija, Valle del Tambo. Syntypes: Lorentz & Hieronymus 862, 950, 1006, GOET. Note: Ariza Espinar (1973: 207) mentioned that the isocotipos were in CORD and had seen the cotipos, but did not lectotypify this name. It is apparent from the material in GOET that none of the syntypes has been selected yet.

Dinoseris salicifolia Griseb. [var.] a normalis Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 3(3): 144 (1898).

*Hyaloseris boliviensis J. Koster, Blumea 5(3): 668 (1945). Type: Hab.: Strauch in der Dornbuschsteppe zwischen Pulquina arriba und Comarapa, 1800 m alt., April 1911, Bl. hellgelb, [Herzog] n. 1798. Holotype: L; isotype: S.

Argentina, Bolivia (Cochabamba, Tarija).

Hymenopholis imbricata Gardner, London J. Bot. 7: 88 (1848) = Lucilia lycopodioides (Less.) S. E. Freire