Links: Tropical America

Selected links to information on Neotropical botany

Conservation and management of the biodiversity of the cerrado biome

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Dababase of woody plants of the cerrados of Brazil with distribution maps and images. Information on the biodiversity of the cerrado, conservation issues, and the history of its botanical exploration.

Centres of Plant Diversity - The Americas

Smithsonian Institution

Datasheets of plant distribution and tables of information on floristic species.

Annotated Checklist of the Woody Plants in Peruvian Seasonally Dry Forests

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Searchable database providing information on occurrence, distribution, endemism, altitude range, phenology, synonymy and references.

Andean Botanical Information System

The Field Museum, Chicago

Information from floristic and systematic investigations of the flowering plants of Andean South America. Selected geographic regions and groups of Andean plants, flora of coastal Peru and Chile, floristic inventories from a variety of habitats in northern Peru, bibliographic resources and searchable databases.

The Virtual Herbarium of the New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden

Searchable specimen catalogue and links to databasing projects on plant biodiversity in North America, South America, the West Indies, the Neotropics, and other vascular plants worldwide.

Andes to Amazon Botany Program

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

International, multidisciplinary team of scientists, students, and Peruvian locals working between the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) and selected field and museum sites in Peru. Studies of interactions between organisms and their environment at multiple spatial scales in the Andes-Amazon region of southeastern Peru.

Flora Mesoamericana Project

Missouri Botanical Garden

A collaborative effort between the Missouri Botanical Garden the Instituto de Biología of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Natural History Museum, London, and numerous specialists world-wide. In Spanish, the Flora describes, for the first time, all the vascular plants growing in the southeasternmost states of Mexico (including the Yucatán Peninsula) and all the Central American republics.

Neotropical Herbarium Specimens - Virtual Herbarium

Field Museum of Natural History

Desktop reference set of high-quality images of dried herbarium specimens representing a broad range of Neotropical genera and common species. A few examples of each species, focusing on specimens that are typical or illustrative of that species. Current selection with a bias toward Peruvian species.

Floristics and Economic Botany of Acre, Brazil

The New York Botanical Garden

Output from collaborative research In the southwestern Amazonian state of Acre, Brazil between The New York Botanical Garden and the Parque Zoobotânico (PZ) of the Universidade Federal do Acre (UFAC). Checklists, publications, common names index, miscellaneous reports.

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