Endangered habitats

See the proportion of plant species at risk in different habitats. Which habitats are home to the greatest proportion of threatened plant species?

Facts & Figures

Arial view of a tropical rainforest
Aerial view of a tropical rainforest, (WikiMedia Commons)

The most threatened plant species are found in the tropics, which is the area of greatest plant diversity. The habitat with the greatest proportion of threatened species is tropical rainforest, where 63% of threatened species are found.

Areas least suitable for conversion to agriculture, such as wetlands and deserts, contain the smallest propotions of threatened plant species, with 4% and 0.5% of threatened species respectively.

Plant species can occur in more that one habitat type, which is why the % add up to over 100%. The % figure is the number of plant species that occur in that vegetation type (they may occur in another as well).