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Tropical America research

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Orchid research

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Forest Loss Catastrophic for Wild Bamboo

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Wet Tropics Africa

The great tropical rainforests of Africa are some of the most species-rich natural habitats in the world. New pages outline the research Kew is undertaking in these areas.
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Threatened Plants of Madagascar Appeal
Madagascar appeal

Join Friends of Kew in raising £250,000 to save some of the world's most precious plants.
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Madagascar Plant Diversity

Latest Information about our research in Madagascar:

  • GIS and Conservation for Madagascar
  • Biodiversity of the Coffee Family (Rubiaceae) in Madagascar
  • Legumes of Madagascar
  • Orchids of Madagascar
  • Euphorbiaceae of Madagascar
  • Tree species of Madagascar
  • Palms of Madagascar
  • Madagascar Biodiversity Links

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World Checklists and Bibliographies Online

The first installment of the World Checklists and Bibliographies, underway since 1994 and issued in print form since 1996, is now available. It covers Fagales (Betulaceae, Corylaceae, Fagaceae and Ticodendraceae), corresponding to the second number in the print series, and encompasses some 1250 species of such important groups of temperate and tropicmontane trees and shrubs as alders, birches, hornbeams, chestnuts, oaks, and northern and southern beeches.

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DNA Bank Database

The Kew DNA Bank contains over 13,000 samples of plant genomic DNA, all stored at -80°C. DNA samples are currently sent to collaborators all over world and can be purchased from Kew on this site.

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GIS Information Online

Kew has been running GIS projects for over a decade (the first started in 1988). Building on the success of several projects a dedicated GIS unit was established in 1998 to facilitate the targeted use of GIS, with the specific remit to "provide an interface for Kew's plant diversity research, presenting data and producing tools to underpin surveys and inventories, conservation, and environmental monitoring"

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Other Science news

A review of scientific news is published in our six-monthly journal, Kew Scientist.