Checklist and database of the British Basidiomycota

The printed Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota has now been published and is available in paperback from RBG Kew at £29.00 (see details). At 517 pages, it is a massive work covering more than 3000 species, including all the mushrooms and toadstools, the bracket fungi, puffballs, earthstars and their allies, chanterelles and tooth-fungi, club and coral fungi, rusts and smuts. Each species recorded from the British Isles receives an entry, giving details of the correct name, authorities and place of publication, synonymy, distribution, frequency, bibliographic and illustration references.   

The printed checklist is part of a major checklist and database project, based at Kew, which has received funding from the British Mycological Society, the Countryside Council of Wales, English Nature, Environment & Heritage Service (N. Ireland), the Fungal Research Trust, the Heritage Council of Ireland, and Scottish Natural Heritage.

The checklist is not only being published in book format, but is also being   maintained as an actively updated database available for consultation through the internet. Work is in progress to make this online database operational as soon as possible.

Fungi of Kew Gardens

As part of an all-taxa survey of animals, plants, and fungi within Kew Gardens and Wakehurst              Place, we are undertaking a comprehensive survey of the fungal species on record. Past              collections are being databased and new material is being recorded. Recent finds at Kew include a corticioid fungus new to science ( Amphinema angustispora ) on a fallen pine trunk and the first British record of the rust Puccinia ljulinica on Smyrnium perfoliatum . The list of fungi found growing at Kew now totals some 2400 species.


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