Over 100 years of expertise in fungal taxonomy

For more than a century mycologists at Kew have helped to increase our knowledge of the fungal kingdom by identifying and describing new families, new genera, new species, in Britain and overseas. 

Each year over 4,000 specimens are received at Kew from more than 30 countries around the world for expert determination. 

Kew mycologists have pioneered research into tropical and equatorial fungi from the Amazon to Australia, working in collaboration with overseas research institutes and universities. Following our move to more spacious premises, we can also offer improved research facilities for mycological visitors from abroad. 

In Britain, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew provides an expert service offering practical assistance with medical problems, legal and forensic consultation, and advice on wood-rotting fungi.

Illustrations (© RBG Kew) on these pages include images  taken from original paintings by Carleton Rea and M.C. Cooke held in the library at RBG Kew.