Botanic Gardens Micropropagation News Guidelines for Authors

Botanic Gardens Micropropagation News was established as an organ for publication of papers concerning micropropagation of rare and endangered species and related subjects.

Papers published are of two types:

Papers should normally be up to four single spaced typed pages long, but longer papers will be considered. Where possible, papers should be submitted on IBM compatible disks on one of the standard word processing packages, together with print out of the file. If this is not possible, papers should be submitted as typed documents, but this may delay publication. Papers may also be submitted via email as ASCII text or as a uuencoded word processing file.

(send files to Margaret Ramsay).

Good quality line drawings and high contrast black and white photographs can be included. Negatives should be sent. Colour photographs can sometimes be converted to black and white, but this depends on the contrast and quality. In this case, slides should be submitted (not colour prints).

For general presentation, refer to previous issue of the Newsletter.

We reserve the right to edit papers submitted to bring them into house style and to reduce length if necessary. Authors receive a copy of the edited text before publication for their comments. All papers submitted will also be published on the World Wide Web.

Papers and further enquiries should be submitted to the Editor:

Ms. Margaret Ramsay
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Surrey TW9 3AB
Fax: +44 (0)181 332 5524

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