Economic Botany

The former Centre for Economic Botany (CEB) is now part of Kew's Sustainable Uses of Plants group, headed by Professor Monique Simmonds. It concentrates on the uses of plants in the United Kingdom and the world's arid and semi-arid zones. The Centre was responsible for curation of the Economic Botany Collection, which contains more than 85,000 botanical raw materials and ethnographic artefacts. This is now managed by the Herbarium. These webpages only covers the work of the former CEB (Economic Botany) group.

Updating of these pages ceased in 2011 pending reorganisation of Kew's web site. Please visit the new Science and Conservation pages for recent news on Kew's work.

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The CD-ROM: Poisonous Plants and Fungi in Britain and Ireland is currently (2010) available for £15.99 (reduced from 44.95), from Kewbooks only.

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Other seminars of ethnobotany interest in the London area can be found at the Linnean Society, Royal Society, Departments of Anthropology at UCL, LSE and Goldsmiths (see also the RAI); Geography at UCL, KCL and Holloway; History of Medicine and Science at UCL, Imperial, the Wellcome Collection, Society of Apothecaries and IHR; Biology at UCL (CEE); Archaeology at UCL.

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