Verdcourt, Bernard

Job Title Honorary Research Fellow
Department Herbarium
Science Teams Rubiaceae
Drylands: Africa
Joined Kew
Foreign Language(s) French

Qualifications & Appointments


Taxonomy of East African plants and preparation diverse family accounts for ‘Flora of Tropical East Africa’ (FTEA) and ‘Flora Zambesiaca’.

Undertaking remaining FTEA accounts for small number of fern families and miscellaneous angiosperm families. Presently working on the Thelypteridaceae. Also working on the few remaining genera needed to complete the account of Malvaceae (chiefly Pavonia) and some precursor papers for Kew Bulletin. Routine naming of numerous East African Vitaceae sent from Missouri Botanical Garden. Ongoing contributions to knowledge of fauna at the Kew site.


Flora of China

Flora of Tropical East Africa

Flora Zambesiaca

Flora Zambesiaca: Leguminosae

Selected Recent Publications

Verdcourt, B. et al. (2001–2005). Flora of Tropical East Africa [Accounts of 12 families]. Rotterdam: Balkema.

Verdcourt, B. (2001 & 2004). Papilionoideae – Phaseoleae and Rubiaceae. Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 3, part 5, and Vol. 5, part 3. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Verdcourt, B. (2001). A new species of Vigna (Leguminosae-Phaseoleae) from Bolivia. Kew Bulletin 56 (1): 229-232.

Verdcourt, B. (2002). Additions to the wild fauna and flora of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. XXXIV. Miscellaneous records. Kew Bulletin 57 (4): 1007-1022.

Verdcourt, B. (2004). The variation of Sida rhombifolia L (Malvaceae) in East Africa. Kew Bulletin 59 (2): 233-239.

Selected Earlier Publications

Verdcourt, B. (1958). Remarks on the classification of the Rubiaceae. Bull. Jard. Bot. Brux. 28: 211–290.

Verdcourt, B. et al. (1956–1995). [Accounts of 71 families] Flora of Tropical East Africa.

Verdcourt, B. (1963). The Miocene non-marine Mollusca of Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria and other localities in Kenya. Palaeontographica 121A: 1–37, figs. 1–63.

Verdcourt, B. (1970–71). Studies in the Leguminosae–Papilionoideae for the ‘Flora of Tropical East Africa’, 1–5. Kew Bulletin 24 & 25.

Verdcourt, B. (2000). Leguminosae (in part). In Pope, G. (ed) Flora Zambesiaca, 3 (6). 175 pp.