Ulian, Tiziana

Job Title Useful Plants Project Co-ordinator
Department Seed Conservation
Section Collecting
Science Teams Millennium Seed Bank Project
Drylands: Tropical America
Joined Kew 2004
Foreign Language(s) Italian (mother tongue), Spanish (fluent), French (working)

Qualifications & Appointments

Diploma, Environmental Sciences, Univ. Ca ' Foscari, Venice, Italy, 1997

BSc, Environmental Sciences (Plant Ecology), Univ. Greenwich, 1999

PhD, Natural Resources Institute (NRI), Univ. Greenwich, 2004


Plant ecology, conservation and sustainable use

Latin American Programme Officer for the Millennium Seed Bank Project (MSBP) since 2004, subsequently Coordinator of the Useful Plant Projects in Botswana, Kenya, Mali, Mexico and South Africa from 2007. Present responsibilities include coordinating species targeting, seed collecting, plant propagation activities involving indigenous and rural communities, and supporting research in plant conservation and sustainable use. Past and present experiences include ethnobotanical and ecological surveys, population assessment and monitoring of threatened species, as well as seed collecting and training support in several countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa. My background is in plant population ecology and conservation biology with an interest in the ecology of re-introductions and restoration ecology.

See also: Project MGU - the Useful Plants Project 


Cactus Seed Biology Database

Ex situ Conservation of Endemic, Endangered and Vulnerable Plant Species from the Arid Lands of Chile

Ex situ Conservation of Plant Germplasm from Arid and Semi-Arid Zones of Mexico

Ex Situ Conservation of Threatened Chilean Flora Through Propagation

Habitat Restoration and Sustainable Use of Southern Peruvian Dry Forest

Theme: Climate and Reproductive Biology

Theme: Ecophysiology and Morphology

Selected Recent Publications

Ulian, T., Smith, M.C. & Aranguren, A. (2001). Life history traits of Oritrophium peruvianum in the páramos of the Cordillera of Mérida, Venezuela. Proceedings of IV International Symposium of Sustainable Development in the Andes, Mérida, Venezuela.

Ulian, T. (2004). The demography of Oritrophium peruvianum (Lam.) Cuatr. and the impacts of harvesting on its populations in the Venezuelan Andes. PhD Thesis, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, UK.

Bacchetta, G., Fenu, G., Mattana, E., Ulian, T. (2007). Preliminary results on the conservation of Lamyropsis microcephala (Moris) Dittrich & Greuter (Compositae), a threatened endemic species of the Gennargentu massif, Sardinia. Flora Montiberica 36: 6-14.

Rossi, G., Parolo, G., Ulian, T. (2008). Human trampling as threat factor for the conservation of peripheral plant populations. Plant Biosystems 142. Accepted.