Hamilton, Martin A.

Job Title UK Overseas Territories Programme Co-ordinator
Department Herbarium
Section Dicot Systematics
Science Teams UK Overseas Territories
Joined Kew 2004
Foreign Language(s) Portuguese (basic)

Qualifications & Appointments

BSc, Agriculture/Horticulture, Western Kentucky University, USA, 2000

Dip. Horticulture, Kew (Hons), 2004.


Research on and monitoring of threatened species, development of horticultural protocols/training and ex situ living collections, focusing on UK Overseas Territories.

Herbarium collecting in the UK Overseas Territories (e.g. Turks and Caicos Islands [TCI], British Virgin Islands [BVI], Montserrat); curation of specimens on arrival at Kew; research and databasing historic UKOTs specimens at Kew and other institutions (e.g. Natural History Museum, London, New York Botanical Garden, Missouri Botanical Garden); Threatened species inventory (Zanthoxylum punctatum ssp. thomasianum, Leptocereus quadricostatus, Calyptranthes kiaerskovii, C. thomasiana) also invasive species (e.g. Scaevola sericea, Casuarina equisetifolia); monitoring of plant communities in the UKOTs (e.g. BVI, Montserrat, TCI); assisting conservation assessment and recovery planning for threatened species (e.g. BVI); development of materials and recommendations to help build capacity for conservation in the UKOTs (e.g. J.R. O’Neal Botanic Garden, Tortola, BVI, Montserrat National Trust Botanic Garden); development of horticultural protocols for cultivation/propagation of threatened species (e.g. Acacia anegadensis, Zanthoxylum punctatum ssp. thomasianum, Leptocereus quadricostatus, Senna polyphylla var. neglecta, Cordia rupicola, Malpighia woodburyana, Metastelma anegadense, Calyptranthes kiaerskovii, C. thomasiana, Machaonia woodburyana). Development of UKOTs database for species and specimens using BRAHMS with the aim of making data available via web interface; development of UKOTs webpage. Develop ex situ collections for plant rescues (e.g. BVI, Montserrat) and seed collections (BVI) for UKOTs and Kew (involving collection for and supply by the Millennium Seed Bank); supply reports and technical information concerning UKOTs species to all relevant partners in the UK and UKOTs; provide horticultural and herbarium techniques training to relevant project staff and students in the UKOTs (e.g. BVI, Montserrat), including horticultural and conservation lectures to relevant project staff and students in the UK (e.g. Kew Diploma in Horticulture, University of Exeter, Kew Plant Conservation Strategies Course 2005) and in the UKOTs (e.g. BVI, TCI).


Darwin Initiative Assessment of the Coastal Biodiversity of Anegada, British Virgin Islands - Project completed

Developing a Species and Specimens Database for the UKOTs Programme

Developing Ex Situ Conservation Collections of UKOTs Species In-Territory and at Kew

Enabling the People of Montserrat to Conserve the Centre Hills - Project completed

 Establishment of Montserrat Botanic Garden

Falkland Islands Plant Conservation

In Ivan’s wake: a Darwin Initiative Biodiversity Action Plan for the Cayman Islands - Project completed

Strengthening capacity for Species Action Planning in Montserrat

Turks and Caicos Islands Pine Recovery

Selected Recent Publications

Clubbe, C., Hamilton, M., and Corcoran, M. (2009). Rondeletia buxifolia, Rubiaceae. Plant in Peril 32. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 26(1&2): 131-141.

Hamilton, M.A. & Crellin, L. (2005). The UK Overseas Territories wreath of remembrance. Forum News 26: 3.

Hamilton, M.A. (2005). In situ study of endangered island endemics of the Virgin Islands. Combined Proceedings of the International Plant Propagators Society 55.

Hamilton, M.A., Clubbe, C., Robbins, S.K. & Barrios, S. (2008). Plants and habitats of the Centre Hills and Montserrat.  In: Young, R.P. (ed.), A Biodiversity Assessment of the Centre Hills, Montserrat. Durrell Conservation Monographs, Vol. 1, pp 40-55.  Downloadable from