Twitter feeds and Google maps

The map below is an experiment in combining (or “mashing up”) two technologies (Twitter and Google maps) to help communicate our science and conservation work.

By mapping our tweets we can identify areas where new species have been spotted which is useful for our mapping work. This tool may also act as an early warning system when there are threats to biodiversity e.g. fires or illegal logging.

To use the map just type in a twitter user name and click search to see their geotagged point from their feed. Zoom in to see multiple tweets from a specific region. Note that only the first 100 tweets are returned. This can be a little slow due to data coming from Twitter, and also not many users geotag their tweets. Search ‘KewGIS’ to see geotagged tweets from the GIS Unit feed or try your own twitter user name. For more technical details see our blog on the twitter maps.

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