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Kew employs more than 200 scientists and benefits from the unpaid services of several dozen Kew-based Research Fellows and Associates, including many former members of staff post-retirement. Here you can read about the individual research interests and activities of Kew scientists and see some of their recent scientific outputs.

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Randriamboavonjy, Tianjanahary (Tiana)

KMCC protected areas management, species conservation, sustainable livelihoods

Rankou, Hassan

Orchid Red List Authority Focal Point and Editorial assistant of the Botanical Journal of the Linnaean Society.

Ratovonirina, Gaëtan Donatien (Gaëtan)

KMCC protected areas management, botanical surveys

Redstone, Sara

Plant Health Officer and implementation of CITES and CBD legislation

Redwood, Gregory N.

Management of the Great Glasshouses Section in support of Kew science, conservation and public education.

Renvoize, Stephen A.

Global grass systematics, floristics and anatomy, special projects in South America, tropical Africa; Miscanthus; temperate Asian bamboos.

Reynolds, Laura

Reynolds, Thomas

Phytochemistry of Aloes and other plants; biological activity of plant constituents; structure-activity relations of plant chemicals.

Rico Arce, María de Lourdes  [Lulú]

Systematics of neotropical Mimosoideae, especially tribes Ingeae and Acacieae.

Rivers, Malin C.

Biodiversity informatics and GIS techniques to study patterns of plant diversity and conservation priority.

Roberts, David L.

Roberts, Peter  (retired)

Ronsted, Nina

Rowntree, Jennifer K.

Rudall, Paula J.

Evolution of plant form; systematics of monocotyledons.

Sacande, Moctar

Tropical tree seed physiology, seed storage longevity, desiccation tolerance and seed conservation; research and training management.

Saltmarsh, Anna

Digital Collections Manager of the Kew Herbarium

Sanchez, Michele

Assisting in seed collection from living collections for long-term storage at the Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) and in management of Tropical Nursery seed store

Sands, Martin

Taxonomic research on Begoniaceae, primarily from SE Asia, especially Borneo, New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

Sarasan, Viswambharan

Conservation and income generation- applications of in vitro methods; research into plant recalcitrance and cryopreservation; capacity building and training

Sauquet, Herve

Savolainen, Vincent

Evolution, Ecology & Conservation

Schrire, Brian D.

Systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, databasing, mapping, utilisation and conservation of legumes focussed on southern Africa.

Schuiteman, Andre

 Orchid research

Scott Brown, Alison

To investigate characteristics of plant species and environmental factors which influence the detection, selection or avoidance of plants by thrips among diverse glasshouse collections

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