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Kew employs more than 200 scientists and benefits from the unpaid services of several dozen Kew-based Research Fellows and Associates, including many former members of staff post-retirement. Here you can read about the individual research interests and activities of Kew scientists and see some of their recent scientific outputs.

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Pearce, Timothy

Developing collaborative partnerships for the MSBP

Pellicer Moscardó, Jaume (Duplicate DELETE)

Pellicer Moscardó, Jaume

To understand the evolutionary mechanisms leading to genome size diversification in plants.

Pennington, Terence D. [Terry]

Taxonomy and floristics of tropical American trees; biodiversity of Amazonian rain forest; dendrological inventory; tree utilization in forestry/agro-forestry systems.

Phillips, Sarah W.

Project Management of eMonocot, creating a global online resource for monocot plants.

Phillips, Sylvia

Systematics and floristics of Poaceae, especially Africa and China; and of Eriocaulaceae, with emphasis on Old World.

Philpott, Vicky (née Cunningham)

Seed cleaning, x-raying, banking, germination testing & harvesting of regeneration material.

Pickering, Helen

Assisting with field work in Congo (Brazzaville) and Guinea (Conakry)

Porter, Elaine

Chemical fingerprinting and isolation of plant-derived compounds using various techniques for authentication, chemotaxonomic and applied projects.

Powell, Martyn P.

Prance, Ghillean T.

Systematic studies of Neotropical plant families of importance in Amazonia

Prendergast, F. Grace

Research into micropropagation and reintroduction of endangered orchid species, using symbiotic germination and in vitro techniques.

Prenner, Gerhard

Evolution of flowers and inflorescences.

Prescott, Tom A.K.

The molecular mode of action of cytotoxic plant metabolites from the British flora.

Pridgeon, Alec M.

Systematics and evolution of Orchidaceae

Pritchard, Hugh W.

Head of Research, Seed Conservation Department

Probert, Robin

Management of Conservation & Technology Section, Member of Seed Conservation Department Senior Management Team and Chair of UK Native Seed Hub Steering Group.

Prychid, Christina J.

Comparative and developmental anatomy and ultrastructural research; management of EM unit, visitors and staff; supervision and training.

Punithalingam, Eliyathamby

Research into systematics, micromorphology and distribution of anamorphic fungi, especially coelomycetes.

Rajaovelona, Landy

KMCC orchid research and conservation

Rakotoarinivo, Mijoro (Joro)

KMCC GIS, palms research and conservation

Rakotoarisoa, Solofo Eric (Solofo)

KMCC Aloe research and conservation, MSBP Madagascar coordination

Rakotonasolo, Franck

KMCC collecting programme, botanical surveys, Rubiaceae research and conservation

Ralimanana, Hélène

KMCC Euphorbiales systematics, protected areas management, environmental education

Ramsay, Margaret M.

Development and application of conservation biotechnology techniques.

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