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Kew employs more than 200 scientists and benefits from the unpaid services of several dozen Kew-based Research Fellows and Associates, including many former members of staff post-retirement. Here you can read about the individual research interests and activities of Kew scientists and see some of their recent scientific outputs.

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Leitch, Ilia J.

To understand the evolutionary significance of the immense diversity of plant genomes (i.e. size, chromosome number, organization and composition).

Leon MBE, Christine J.

Project Manager, Chinese Medicinal Plants Authentication and Conservation Centre (CMPACC).

Lewis, Gwilym P.

Systematics, biogeography, diversity and biology of neotropical Leguminosae, especially Caesalpinioideae (particularly Caesalpinia) and Mimosoideae.

Linguanti, Antonella

Lead Developer for the Kew Mycology project

Linington, Simon H.

Supporting the management of the Seed Conservation Department

Liu, Kenwin

Managing as well as developing the MSBP Seed Information Database (SID) for users, both internal and external, for scientific/academic purposes or otherwise.

Liu, Udayangani

Seed Bank Database Manager

Lledó-Barrena, M. Dolores [Lola]

Molecular systematics and phylogenetics of Mediterranean groups; conservation genetics (Iberian peninsula and UK) and evolution of apomictic groups.

Lock, J. Michael (Retired)

Lonsdale, John

Lopez-Poveda, Lucia

Digitization Officer, IUCN Sampled Red List Index for Plants at Kew. Special interests in plant conservation and conservation assessments.

Lucas, Eve J.

Myrtales Team Leader

Lynch, Anna H.

Systematic micromorphology of monocotyledons; bibliographic database management (Currently on secondment as Project Office Co-ordinator, IT)

Mackinder, Barbara A.

Advancing knowledge in the systematics, conservation and evolution of tropical African Leguminosae

Malcolm Tompkins, Patricia

Managing and coordinating the work of volunteers and staff in the Sampled Red List Index for Plants project.

Manger, Keith R.

Laboratory Manager, Seed Conservation Department

Manger, Kirstine (née May)

Processing and curation of seed bank collections.

Marks, Timothy

Plant Tissue Culture Specialist

Mattana, Efisio

Maynard, Beverly D.

Processing and curation of seed bank collections.

Mayo, Simon J. (Retired)

Araceae systematics, developing internet delivery of taxonomy; quantitative approaches to taxonomic species characterization.

Mazine, Fiorella F.

Tropical plant diversity and floristics with a focus on Eugenia.

McBurney, Rory P.H.

McCullough, Linda

Seed cleaning, germination testing & seed collection of UK wild species.

McDonald, Sharon

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