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Kew employs more than 200 scientists and benefits from the unpaid services of several dozen Kew-based Research Fellows and Associates, including many former members of staff post-retirement. Here you can read about the individual research interests and activities of Kew scientists and see some of their recent scientific outputs.

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Groom, Alice

Work on the Sampled Red List Index for Plants. Special interests in plant conservation and conservation assessments.

Groves, Madeleine C.

Provision of scientific advice, develop and disseminate CITES capacity building tools and training, and lead on CITES timber and enforcement issues.

Haigh, Anna L.

Araceae research and web taxonomy. Curation of Alismatids and Fern Herbarium

Hamilton, Martin A.

Conservation assessment, inventory and monitoring of island communities focusing on UK Overseas Territories; capacity-building for conservation and horticulture; role of botanic gardens in conservation, development of horticultural protocols and ex situ living collections.

Hanson, Sarah

Curation of seed bank collections.

Hargreaves, Serene

Digital Collections Officer, Herbarium

Harker, Ruth

Collection Guide Compiler

Harley, Raymond M.

Honorary Research Associate; Lamiaceae systematics (New World Hyptinidae); conservation of Brazilian plants; Brazilian floras

Harman, Kehan T.

Harris, Timothy

Identification of material from Eastern and Southern Africa and Ethiopia

Harvey, Yvette B.

Botanical inventories for conservation management in Cameroon; taxonomy of Sapotaceae.

Heller, Thomas M.

Assistant Projects Coordinator and specimen identification.

Henchie, Stewart J.

Hickmott, David

Processing and Curation of Seed Bank Collections.

Hinchcliffe, Sally

Hind, D.J. Nicholas

Specialist research interest in New World Compositae, with an overview of the World’s Compositae.

Hoenselaar, Kim

Hoffmann, Petra

Systematics of Euphorbiaceae sensu lato, particularly Phyllanthaceae.
(No longer at Kew)

Holmes (Carter), Susan (HRA)

Euphorbieae (Euphorbiaceae sensu stricto), particularly in Tropical Africa and especially succulent species; Aloe, particularly in Tropical Africa.

Hopper, Stephen, D

Stephen Hopper was the Director (CEO & Chief Scientist) of RBG Kew from 2006 to September 2012. His research areas span plant conservation biology, biogeography, systematics and evolution with a focus on the world's oldest landscapes.

Horwath, Aline B.

Howes, Melanie-Jayne R.

Natural products research; authentication and quality assessment of plants, particularly those containing pharmacologically active compounds.

Hudson, J Alex

Useful Plants Project Officer

Hunt, David R. (Retired)

Taxonomy of Cactaceae, Commelinaceae and formerly Coniferae, exploiting and encouraging the interface between professional botanists and knowledgeable amateur enthusiasts

Irving, Jason

Sandwich Student working for the Medicinal Plant Names Services, which is building sustainable information services specifically for the health and pharmaceutical sectors.

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