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Kew employs more than 200 scientists and benefits from the unpaid services of several dozen Kew-based Research Fellows and Associates, including many former members of staff post-retirement. Here you can read about the individual research interests and activities of Kew scientists and see some of their recent scientific outputs.

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Frisby, Susan M. [née Brodie]

Herbarium curation, naming, databasing and research, including Neotropical Malvaceae and Compositae

Frodin, David

Honorary Research Associate

Fulcher, Tim

Bioinformatics Specialist

Furness, Carol

Research on structure, development and evolution of pollen and anther characters in angiosperms, particularly monocots.

Gardiner, Lauren

Systematics and curation of Palms and Pandans.

Garrett, Lucy A. S.

Gasson, Peter E.

Systematic and comparative plant anatomy, especially of wood (secondary xylem).

Gattiker, Sarah

Processing and curation of seed bank collections.

Gaya, Ester

Molecular phylogenetics of lichenized and non-lichenized Fungi

George, Morvah

Ghazanfar, Shahina A.

Head of the Temperate Regional Team

Gibb, Katharine, E.

Arranging travel and provision of administrative support to the Millennium Seed Bank Collecting Section and international partners.

Gigot, Guillame

Gilbert, Michael G.

Flora of China; Euphorbiaceae, particularly Euphorbia sensu lato

Gil, Teresa

European Partnership Officer

Gold, Kate M.

International Projects Coordinator

Gosline, George W.

Conservation of the plant diversity of western Cameroon.

Govaerts, Rafaël H.A.

Compilation of World Checklists of selected plant families within a global network of contributers and reviewers

Goyder, David J.

Tropical African plant diversity and systematics of Apocynaceae.

Grace, Olwen M.

Researching the evolution, classification and conservation of useful plants.

Grayer, Renée J.

Chemo-systematics of the Lamiales, especially Lamiaceae.

Green, Paul W.C.

Effects of plant and fungal extracts on insect biology; chemical authentication of plant extracts and isolation of compounds.

Gregory, Mary

Systematic plant anatomist; bibliographer.

Griffin, Anne E.M.

Responsibility for day-to-day management of the Millennium Seed Bank and Wakehurst Place libraries.

Griggs, Patricia J. [Pat]

Co-ordinating International Diploma Courses and postgraduate visits; promoting the conservation activities of Kew's UKOTs team through web pages and blogs.

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