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Systematics course material for horticultural students - COMPLETED

The botanical systematics course forms part of the first year training for students in the School of Horticulture at Kew. It covers plant classification, nomenclature, identification and morphology, with special emphasis on teaching botanical horticulturists.
Systematics course (Image: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)

The main aims are:

1. to provide a familiarity with plant classification and plant morphology;
2. to enable use of floras, keys and monographs to accurately name plants in a garden or from the wild;
3. to relate classification and botany to the work in a botanical garden.

The course duration is 10 days of lectures, divided into theory, including specialist lecturers, and practical sessions.

This project is the result of several years of teaching and presents all the course material, including practicals, drawings, guided reading, questions and exams, on a website which is available to Kew staff.

It can be used not only by the horticultural students but also any Kew staff wanting to further their knowledge. All plant material used is available in the gardens.

Annex material

Web address (intranet only): coming soon!