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Southern Madagascar Littoral Forest Tree Guide

Littoral forest at St. Luce near Tolagnaro (Photo: S.Cable)

The project was funded by Rio Tinto and RBG Kew with the objective to promote and facilitate forest conservation in the region that will be mined by Rio Tinto QMM for ilmenite (titanium dioxide). The littoral forest is extremely rich and diverse, with over 900 recorded plant species of which over 60 are locally endemic. QMM is actively conserving what little forest remains and is keen to promote research, eco-tourism and local community interest. The field guide is central to their efforts.

The field team consists of Johny Rabenantoandro and Faly Randriatafika and David Rabevehitra of Rio Tinto QMM. The field guide will cover all 350 trees and shrubs known from the area and will be published by RBG Kew. It will be taxonomically rigorous, but it is aimed at non-specialists (students, scientists, conservationists, local community, tourists and guides) as well as botanists. The emphasis will be on field characters and photographs, with taxonomic descriptions and terminology kept to a minimum. The keys will make extensive use of photographs.

The field guide will be available in 2011.

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