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Southeast Asian Floristics: Lamiaceae

The Southeast Asian species of Lamiaceae are being studied for four major flora projects: Flora Malesiana, Flora of Thailand, Flora of Peninsular Malaysia and Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak.
Callicarpa longifolia Lam.

There are some 400 species of Lamiaceae in Southeast Asia (including Indo China). A number of these species are in large genera that have been understudied (e.g. Callicarpa c. 60 species; Clerodendrum c. 70 species). As part of this project, all 400 Lamiaceae species are being revised: the resulting taxonomic accounts have been or are soon to be published as stand-alone research and as part of four major Flora projects. All species covered are being assessed for preliminary conservation status. This is an important center of diversity of the Lamiaceae as floristic elements from the Himalaya, China and Malesia merge with a significant endemic Indo-Chinese flora; all but one of the Lamiaceae subfamilies are covered in the area and in addition several genera whose relationships still require clarification.

The Flora Malesiana documents and describes the flora of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. As part of the taxonomic research towards the completion of this flora, revisions have been published of a number of key genera (Teijsmanniodendron, Vitex) of economic importance in the region. Treatments of the other genera are in press or nearing completion. Twenty species of Lamiaceae that are new to science have been described as a result of this focused study.

The Flora of Thailand Lamiaceae account results from a longstanding collaboration between the Lamiaceae team and the Bangkok Forest Herbarium. Several PhD projects supervised by Kew staff will input to the account of the 285 species of Lamiaceae in Thailand.

Working with the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), the Lamiaceae team is producing an account of the 107 species of Lamiaceae occurring in Peninsular Malaysia. Fieldwork and herbarium study has resulted in two new records of Lamiaceae genera in the Cameron Highlands of Peninsular Malaysia.

The Lamiaceae account for the Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak has been submitted to the Editors at FRIM.

Project partners and collaborators


Forest Research Institute Malaysia


Bangkok Forest Herbarium

Prince of Songkla University

Khon Kaen University

Project funders

The Linnean Society

Percy Sladen Memorial Fund

Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Forest Research Institute Malaysia Fellowship Scheme

Royal Thai Government

Royal Golden Jubilee Scholarship

Science and Technology Scholarship