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Restoring Tropical Forests, A Practical Guide

‘Restoring Tropical Forests’, a global generic guide to facilitate tropical forest restoration for biodiversity recovery, has now been published.

Restoring Tropical Forests has now been published and is available to buy at the Kew Online Bookshop

The Darwin Initiative funded RBG Kew, the Forest Restoration Research Unit at Chiang Mai University, Thailand and Wildlife Landscapes to write and publish and book called Restoring Tropical Forests: a Practical Guide

About the book

Restoring Tropical Forests is a user-friendly, scientifically-based and globally relevant practical guide to restoring biologically diverse forests throughout the tropics. Based on the concepts, knowledge and innovative techniques developed at Chiang Mai University’s Forest Restoration Research Unit and backed up with technical information from RBG Kew, this book will enable substantial improvements in existing forest restoration projects and encourage the development of new initiatives. 

Richly illustrated and with easy-to-follow diagrams, the book first explores the general concepts of tropical forest dynamics and regeneration that are relevant to restoration practice. It outlines proven restoration techniques, with case studies of their successful application, and gives practical guidance on topics such as initial site assessment, engaging local people, project planning, species selection, propagation, planting and site management.

Finally, research methods are described, to help refine restoration techniques and adapt them to local ecological and socio-economic conditions. Restoring Tropical Forests is primarily aimed at practitioners, researchers and students, but will also be useful to policy makers, to raise awareness of ecologically-based options for the restoration of degraded tropical forest land.

International Forestry Review:

“We commend the authors for creating a practical guide for restoration practitioners with any level of experience. Restoring Tropical Forests presents step-by-step instructions to design and implement restoration projects, set up a regional nursery, and establish and forest restoration unit. The clear language, moderate price and translation of the book into both French and Spanish mean that it will be accessible to a broad audience.... A key strength of the book is that it provides guidance on designing restoration projects in an experimental manner to help tailor methods and strategies to local site conditions. Moreover the authors highlight the importance of monitoring and analyzing results to improve restoration outcomes.”

Project partners and collaborators


Wildlife Landscapes


Forest Restoration Research Unit, Chiang Mai University

Project funders


Darwin Initiative


John Ellerman Foundation

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