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Phylogeny and pollination biology of Westringieae, Lamiaceae - COMPLETED (2008)

The Westringieae is an endemic Australian tribe of about 200 species. It comprises the genera Prostanthera, Wrixonia, Eichlerago, Westringia, Hemiandra, Hemigenia and Microcorys. Together these seven genera form a strongly supported monophyletic clade. All its members are defined within this clade by a series of complex morphological anther and filament adaptations. Species of the group have different flowering strategies and a series of different types of flower visitors. In this study the phylogeny of the group is compared with the distribution of the anther attachments, general flower morphology, type of flower visitors and the flowering strategies of the plants in question.


Project partners and collaborators

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
University of Adelaide

Project funders

CSIRO Plant Industries

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