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Phylogeny and classification of Eria s.l.

Understanding generic limits in Eria s.l., the third largest orchid genus in tropical Asia.
Eria scabrilinguis Lindl. (Image: A. Schuiteman, Kew)

In the traditional sense, Eria is a large genus of some 375 species, distributed in tropical Asia and the Pacific. DNA-based phylogenetic studies by Ng have demonstrated that Eria in this sense is polyphyletic and needs to be split up into smaller genera. Exactly how this is to be done and how the resulting genera could be identified is an as yet unsolved problem. It is the aim of this project to resolve this problem by means of additional phylogenetic studies based on a broader sample of the species and one or more additional DNA markers.

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Henrik Ærenlund Pedersen


Ng Yan Peng

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