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Palms for the Flora of Thailand - COMPLETED

A floristic account of the palms of Thailand for the Flora of Thailand project.
Kerriodoxa elegans, a monotypic palm genus endemic to Thailand discovered and described through a collaboration between Kew and the Forest Department of Thailand. Photo: J. Dransfield.

The palms of Thailand are remarkably diverse at the generic level, reflecting the position of Thailand at the junction of the Malesian and mainland Southeast Asian floristic regions as well as the great diversity of climate and vegetation types. The Flora of Thailand project, co-managed by the Herbarium of the Forest Department in Thailand and the Botanical Institute of Aarhus University and with an international board, is a long term floristic project aimed at providing a complete modern flora of the whole country. It draws on the expertise of specialists to write up individual family accounts. John Dransfield (RBG Kew) and Anders Barfod (University of Aarhus) co-edit the account of the palms. Botanists from Thailand and the USA have also contributed some individual genera for the account. John Dransfield has been involved for many years, sitting on the board of the flora project from 1984–2001, in preparing a checklist of the palm flora and in writing accounts of approximately 50% of the c. 170 species. The palm account was submitted in August 2011.

Project partners and collaborators


Anders Barfod (University of Aarhus)


Ratchada Pongsattayapipat


Don Hodel (University of California - LA)

Andrew Henderson (New York Botanic Garden)

Project Department