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Orientale DRC: surveys and capacity building - COMLPETED

A grassland patch at Zatua in Orientale Province in DRC, surrounded by relatively undisturbed high forest. Between the high forest and the grassland is a narrow strip of low shrubby forest, which is suspected to be the most interesting vegetation type in

July-August 2011 saw our first collaborative reconnaissance survey in Orientale Province of NE DRC. Taking advantage of opportunities with a global mining company currently prospecting for iron ore, a botanist from Kew, together with Congolese botanists from University of Kisangani and the Epulu Herbarium spent one month making a specimen-based inventory of vegetation types and species in the company of geologists.  The objective is to evaluate the likely conservation value of the area to inform the more detailed studies needed should a mine be desired in future.  The survey work is expected to continue in 2012 and DRC botanists are expected to have study visits to Kew as part of the project.

Project partners and collaborators


WCS DRC Epulu Herbarium: Corneille Ewango, Floribert Bujo

University of Kisangani: Jean-Bosca Ndjango

Project Department

Project Leader: