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New World Lamiaceae

Research on Neotropical Lamiaceae concentrates on monographic work on Tribe Ocimeae, subtribe Hyptidinae and general floristic work on Lamiaceae.
Hyptis caespitosa © Ray Harley

Major activities at a regional level include a revision of Hyptidinae for Flora Neotropica (>350 species), and an account of the Lamiaceae for the Preliminary Checklist of the Plants of the Guiana Shield. Treatments of the Verbenaceae and Lamiaceae tribe Ocimeae for Flora Mesoamericana are complete.

At country level and below, flora accounts for parts of the Lamiaceae are being produced for the Floras of Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia. Within Brazil, accounts of the Lamiaceae for Bahia, the State of São Paulo (70 spp.), and several more localized floras are being produced.

A generic revision and a molecular phylogeny of the Hyptidinae are complete.

Project partners and collaborators

University  Feira de Santana
Natural History Museum, London
New York Botanical Garden
Missouri Botanical Garden
Smithsonian Institute