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Monograph of Octoknema (Octoknemaceae-Olacaceae)

Octoknema genovefae is confined to lowland forest in Cameroon - this specimen (Cheek 13016) was found during a survey in Ebo, Feb. 2006.

Octoknema is a genus of trees and shrubs restricted to undisturbed tropical evergreen forest of Africa, from Guinea-Conakry to Tanzania. Traditionally four or five species of Octoknema have been recognised but this project, revisionary work inspired by baseline surveys of forests in Cameroon, has revealed that many species have been overlooked. A total of 14 species can now be recognised. While species such as O. affinis are relatively widespread and can be ecologically important as canopy co-dominants in some forests, other species of Octoknema are geographically restricted in range, and so are vulnerable to the threat of extinction. The purpose of the monograph is to gather together all data on the genus and to describe, map, illustrate and assess the conservation status of each of the newly delimited taxa. A key will enable users to identify the species.  Publication in Kew Bulletin expected in 2011/2012.

Project partners and collaborators

FranceDepartment Sciences Biologiques, Institut National d'Horticulture, Angers

Project team

Herbarium, Library, Art & Archives 

Martin Cheek, George Gosline, Yvette Harvey

Science Teams: 
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