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IUCN Red List Reassessment of Conifers

A reassessment for the IUCN Red List of all conifers.
Cupressus dupreziana A.Camus  (Image: Aljos Farjon, Kew)

The first assessment was carried out around 1998. This project is coordinated by Aljos Farjon at Kew and jointly undertaken with staff at RBG Edinburgh. It is scheduled to be completed in early 2012.

All 615 species and infraspecific taxa are assessed for the IUCN Red List following a strict protocol of data input, mapping and assessment against IUCN Red List Criteria. Aljos Farjon is Chairman of IUCN’s Conifer Specialist Group and is the organiser and coordinator. He also is directly involved with two thirds of the species assessments.

Project partners and collaborators


Conifer Conservation Programme, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Project funders


IUCN-SSC in Gland

Project Department

Project Leader: