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Interactive Key to the Genera of Lamiaceae

An Interactive Key to the genera of Lamiaceae facilitates identification of this large (7500 spp.) and commonly encountered plant family.

Comprised of about 7500 species and 235 genera, the Lamiaceae is the seventh largest flowering plant family. Its cosmopolitan distribution and species richness, particularly in dryland habitats, mean that it is commonly encountered. The rationale behind this project is to facilitate identification of Lamiaceae to genus level through an interactive key.

Using the software LUCID in partnership with Factsheet Fusion, we created an interactive key based on a small character set. To maximise user friendliness there is a factsheet for each character, defining it and its states, often through diagrams, and a factsheet for each genus. The genus factsheets contain nomenclatural information taken from the World Checklist of Lamiaceae, a generic description, distribution information and images both of herbarium specimens and plants in the field.

The first full version of the key was made available online in July 2009; we hope to continually improve it based on user feedback and advancements in our understanding of the circumscription of Lamiaceae genera.



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