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Flore du Cambodge, Laos et Vietnam, Orchidaceae

A volume on Orchidaceae for the international project Flore du Cambodge, Laos et Vietnam
Habenaria rhodocheila Hance, in South Laos (Image: A. Schuiteman, RBG Kew)

The orchid flora of Indochina (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) was last studied as a whole by Seidenfaden, who, in 1992, published an overview of orchids for these three countries. This work has shown how inadequate our knowledge of the orchids of these countries still is, with the possible exception of Vietnam. Laos and Cambodia are so poorly known botanically, that almost certainly less than half of the orchid species occurring in these countries have as yet been recorded.

In view of the ongoing habitat destruction in Indochina, a more reliable overview of the orchid flora of these countries is urgently needed. Because of our inadequate knowledge of the occurrence and distribution of Orchidaceae in Indochina, extensive fieldwork has to be carried out. At the same time, the species already known, as well as new species coming to light during the project, need to be properly documented and described. An international team of orchid experts, coordinated by André Schuiteman (RBG Kew), will carry out fieldwork and provide taxonomic treatments towards the goal of producing a comprehensive account of the orchids of Indochina.

Project partners and collaborators


de Vogel, E.

Vermeulen, J.J.


Averyanov, L.


Gale, S.


Kurzweil, H.

Annex material

Key papers published since 2006 relating to above project:

  • Schuiteman, A. & E. F. de Vogel. 2006. A new species of Coelogyne from Laos. Journal für den Orchideenfreund 13: 307-313, 5 coloured plates, 1 line drawing. [bilingual]
  • Schuiteman, A. & P. Bonnet. 2008. Eparmatostigma dives (Orchidaceae), a new generic record for Laos. Blumea 53: 341-344.
  • Schuiteman, A., P. Bonnet, B. Svengsuksa & D. Barthélémy. 2008. An annotated checklist of the Orchidaceae of Laos. Nordic Journal of Botany 26: 257-314.
  • Schuiteman, A. & P. Bonnet. 2009. Holcoglossum calcicola and Paphiopedilum barbigerum var. sulivongii: Two attractive new orchids from the limestone hills of Laos. Orchideenjournal 16: 6-14. [bilingual]
  • Schuiteman, A., P. Bonnet, V. Vannachak & D. Barthélémy. 2009. Thaia saprophytica is not a saprophyte. The Orchid Review 117: 92-97.
  • Tich, N.T., A. Schuiteman & J. J. Vermeulen. 2010. Dendrobium daklakense; Eine neue Dendrobium-Art aus der Sektion Formosae aus Vietnam. Orchideenj. 17: 161-163.
  • Schuiteman, A. 2011. The strange case of Dendrobium aphyllum. Orchid Review 119: 104-110.

Conferences and workshops:

  • 2nd Symposium of the Flore du Cambodge, du Laos, et du Viêtnam, Hanoi, 6 - 8 December 2010.

Project Department

Project Leader: