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Flora Zambesiaca: Leguminosae

Tribe Indigofereae (180 spp.) – the final volume of Leguminosae for Flora Zambesiaca.

Bolusanthus speciosus. Photo: P. van Wyk.

The purpose of this project is to complete Flora Zambesiaca (FZ): Leguminosae (volume 3, parts 1 – 7; c. 1,373 spp.) by 2011/12 when the final papilionoid tribe, Indigofereae, will be published in volume 3, part 4.

After publication in 1970 of the first legume part, volume 3 (1): Mimosoideae (121 spp.), there was a large gap until 2000 when the second part, 3 (6): Papilionoideae, tribes Desmodieae, Psoraleeae and Aeschynomeneae (152 spp.), was published. Two further parts were published during the 2001 – 2005 period, 3 (5): Papilionoideae, tribe Phaseoleae in 2001 (229 spp.) and 3 (7): Papilionoideae, tribes Loteae, Galegeae, Vicieae, Cicereae, Trifolieae, Podalyrieae, Crotalarieae and Genisteae in 2003 (324 spp.). Volumes 3(2): Caesalpinioideae (157 spp.) and 3(3): Papilionoideae, tribes Swartzieae, Sophoreae, Dalbergieae, Abreae, Millettieae and Robinieae (210 spp.) were published in 2007. The final volume 3 (4), Papilionoideae, tribe Indigofereae (180 spp.), has been completed, submitted and final editing was finished in October 2011. Publication is planned for end of 2011/early 2012.


Key publications 2006-2011

  • Timberlake, J.R., Golding, J.S. & Smith, P. (2006). A preliminary analysis of endemic and threatened plants of the Flora Zambesiaca area. In S.A. Ghazanfar & H.J. Beentje (eds) Taxonomy and ecology of African plants, their conservation and sustainable use. Proceedings of the 17th AETFAT Congress, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 749-760.
  • Soares, M, Abreua, J., Nunesa, H., Silveira, P., Schrire, B. & Figueiredo, E. (2007). The Leguminosae of Angola: diversity and endemism. Systematics and Geography of Plants 77: 141–212.
  • Brummitt, R.K., Chikuni, A.C., Lock, J.M. & Polhill, R.M. (2007). In J.R. Timberlake, G.V. Pope, R.M. Polhill, & E.S. Martins (eds). Flora Zambesiaca 3(2) 1–218. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Brummitt, R.K., Harder, D.K., Lewis G.P., Lock, J.M., Polhill, R.M. & Verdcourt, B. (2007). In J.R. Timberlake, R.M. Polhill, G.V. Pope & E.S. Martins (eds). Flora Zambesiaca 3(3) 1–258. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Figueiredo, E., Soares, M., Grobler, A. & Schrire, B. (2008). Fabaceae. In E. Figueiredo & G.F. Smith (eds.) Plants of Angola. Strelitzia 22: 75–101.

Project partners and collaborators


J. Seyani, National Herbarium, Zomba


M.A. Diniz, National Herbarium, Lisbon

Project funders

PortugalNational Herbarium, Lisbon

Project team

Herbarium, Library, Arts & Archives

Dick Brummitt (now retired), Gwilym Lewis, Mike Lock (now retired), Barbara Mackinder, Roger Polhill (now retired), Brian Schrire, Jonathan Timberlake, Bernard Verdcourt (now retired)


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