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Flora of Pakistan - Rosaceae account - COMPLETED

Rosaceae Fruits (Drawing by Sven Landrein, Kew)

The flora of Pakistan provides fundamental information of the native plants of Pakistan. It includes the family descriptions, key to the 27 genera and all species within the genus. Species descriptions, distributions, details of types, synonyms, key references, flowering and fruiting times, ecology, list of collections consulted are provided for all species. The temperate regional team is involved in the account of the family Rosaceae with about 160 species. First part of this account has been published as a volume number 216 (part 1) - Potentilleae & Roseae in 2009.


Key paper:

  • Landrein, S.; Borosova, R.; Osborne, J.; Shah, M.; Rajput, M.T.M.; Tahir, S.S. & Zielinski, J. (2009). Flora of Pakistan No. 216. Rosaceae (I) – Potentilleae & Roseae. Jointly published by the Institute of Plant Conservation, University of Karachi and Missouri Botanical Press

Project partners and collaborators


Syed Irtifaq Ali, Professor of Botany (Retd.), University of Karachi