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Electronic Field Data Collection - COMPLETED

With the increase in accessible mobile technology, it is now possible to directly collect field data (survey and collections) into an electronic format. This would streamline data capture, increase efficiency and improve data quality.


Data gathering
Justin Moat
Field data capture
Capuring field data in Madagascar using electronic devices such as GPS, PDA, iPhone and Android smart phones.


This project is looking at the existing and future technologies to allow the electronic capture of data in the field. This work covers the use of electronic devices for both in the field mapping and the use of electronic forms to capture locality, text, image and voice data.

At present two technologies are being investigated.

  1. Windows mobile/PDA’s and ESRI ArcPad for data capture and mapping and Brahms for databasing.
  2. Android mobile phones with Open Data Kit (ODK) for data capture, storage and dissemination as well as integration with various other packages.