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Ebo Forest Conservation Checklist

Supporting discovery and conservation of the Ebo Forest in Littoral Region, Cameroon.
Ebo Forest, extremely rich in localised new species to science, February 2006 (Gerhard Prenner).

Our preliminary surveys with the National Herbarium of Cameroon of this vast, still largely unknown but threatened lowland and cloud rainforest in Littoral Region have shown it to be extremely rich in localised new species to science.

Talbotiella ebo a localised forest tree, is already published and Ardisia ebo, a subshrub is in press.  Many more threatened new species are expected to follow.  Our botanical assistance at Ebo was sought by the Ebo Forest Project, active in the forest studying its diverse primate species while working with the local communities at the periphery.

Our objective is to seek resources to continue our survey efforts to the point that we have sufficient sampling to complete a Conservation Checklist for Ebo.  Apart from enabling identification and management of threatened plant species, such a book will help raise the profile of the forest and champion the projects sought for protection as a National Park. 

Contact us ( if you would like to volunteer as an intern plant collector at Ebo and discover and protect a new species to science!

Project partners and collaborators


National Herbarium of Cameroon: Jean Michel Onana


San Diego Zoo, California: Bethan Morgan