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Dom, Bamenda Highlands Phase 2: reducing forest fragmentation and protecting what remains

Continuing work with ANCO and its local community based reforestation in the Dom vicinity.
Kitiwum Nursery with Marcella Corcoran and George Kangong (Chief Nurseryman), Feb. 2006 (Yvette Harvey)

Building on the successful surveys 2006-2007 that provided The Plants of Dom, Bamenda Highlands, Cameroon: A Conservation Checklist (see project) we are now seeking resources to continue collaborative surveys in the area of other forest patches to provide a basis for their protection and management, with the National Herbarium of Cameroon, and with our local partners in NW Region, the conservation NGO ANCO.  We also intend to continue helping ANCO with its reforestation efforts with local communities so that forest fragments can be reunited and ultimately, enlarged.

North West Region is a high priority for conservation action because already c. 96% of the original forest cover of the Bamenda Highlands has been lost and those fragments which remain are fast being lost to agriculture small-holders.  These fragments contain the last populations of endemic Bamendan species which were once widespread in the highlands.

Project partners and collaborators


National Herbarium of Cameroon: Jean Michel Onana, Felicite Nana

ANCO: Paul Mzeka, Kenneth Tah

Project Department

Project Leader: